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Educational Enrichment

The Free2Rise Girls participated in various educational enrichment activities that ranged from tutoring to computer camp, college tours, and the viewing of Selma.

Test Prep

Free2Rise Academic mentor, Danielle Perry, provided tutoring to strengthen the girls' academic skills in preparation for standardized tests. Major concentration was provided for math tutoring in algebra, individually, and in small groups. Danielle went above and beyond to help our girls, even volunteering to help on weekends. Danielle is now a freshman at Delaware State University. Free2Rise will continue to provide support to Danielle throughout her college years. Freestyle writing was introduced through journaling weekly to express thoughts and ideas on various issues pertaining to local and national current events. Each student was required to share journaling responses with the group using critical thinking techniques. The groups focused on active listening to their peers and were taught to ask questions before giving basic statements about what peers had written, which focused on comprehension.

College Tours

Free2Rise had a fun and exciting year with three college tour trips to promote early exposure of college life. The girls toured Howard University, Delaware State University, and Drexel University.

Computer Camp

Free2Rise youth, Olivia Gadson, was sponsored by Free2Rise to attend the 2015 Computer Science Education Camp at Bowie State University called “Girls Who Will” (GWW). The mission was to provide a foundation that girls can use as the basis for making career decisions. Oliva learned HTLM Webpage design/construction, cryptology, 3D printing/ CAD Modeling, connecting raspberry pics (very small computers) to monitors, Wearable Computing, connecting Makey Makeys, and Cyber security. We were excited to learn that Olivia not only completed the program but also received a certificate for the “Most Valuable Programmer”. This experience provided technical exposure that will strengthen Olivia’s computer skills and provide additional career options as she navigates through the next chapter of life. This program was funded by the American Association of University Women.

Viewing of the Movie Selma

Male supporter, Earsey Toney Jr. join Free2Rise girls, Kiyara Brown and Jeniaya Amos for the viewing of SELMA to learn about the history of what took place during the civil rights movement. It was an eye opening history lesson for all.

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