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Every child should be able to participate in school activities without concern of finances required to purchase a book or school pictures, uniforms, lunch, or field trips. Free2Rise provides support that will enable girls to participate in school activities. Every child needs to feel there is someone they can turn to for support when they need it. Free2Rise advocates and provides support to girls who require assistance.


Become A Free2Rise Angel Donor

Help enrich the lives of girls facing adversity. We thank you in advance for your contribution to helping our children become Forever Responsible, Educated, and Empowered.

Builds and improves basic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic through tutoring. The “Inspire Girls2Rise Educational Enrichment Program” focuses on strengthening the basic skills of reading, writing, math, and English (inclusive of writing and speech) using technology; Computer Literacy which will teach the girls how to use Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and Power Point; introduction to programming code; Introduction/reinforcement to Basic Spanish, and early exposure to college life. The objective is to advance the quality of girls’ education by increasing literacy, building confidence and skills that promote a competitive spirit and will improve the quality of their lives thereby enabling them to become “Forever Responsible, Educated, and Empowered” to rise to their full potential.


Professional Workshops provide tools to help girls navigate obstacles, and become confident, responsible ladies, critical thinkers, and productive citizens. Free2Rise brings in professional career resources to introduce and teach key life skills which will promote self-sufficiency, interaction with others, positive growth, and aid the girls in navigating their lives free from encumbrances. Life skills workshops are conducted in communication & confidence building, success strategies, alternative careers, leadership, self-esteem, social media, media images, health and wellness, body image, why manners matter, inner peace (meditation), success strategies, self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem, grooming, etiquette, forgiveness, understanding law, social interaction, organization, study habits and many other critical skills to help the girls navigate life successfully.






Exposure to art and culture bridges cultural gaps and provides an understanding and appreciation of various art forms. Free2Rise Educational Foundation enhances and promotes cultural experiences to enrich the girls’ lives, and increase sophistication, knowledge, and humanity through the exploration of culture such as genres of film, performing and visual arts, and literature. The objectives are to enrich and enlighten lives by providing exposure to various cultures and the arts, promoting diversity, reading and analytical thinking.

Free 2 Rise Programs

Free2Rise Educational Foundation provides travel experiences to provide exposure to girls outside of their neighborhoods, broaden horizons, expand world knowledge, inspire vision and to promote positive growth and learning.



Free2Rise Educational Foundation educates and engages girls in philanthropic efforts to work together to uplift and make a positive impact in their communities by delivering can and dry foods to food pantries, feeding the homeless, and community gardening. The objective is for the girls to develop the combination of skills, knowledge, values, and motivation in order to make a difference in the community, and to directly address community issues as Volunteers.






Actress Tatyana Ali with Free2Rise mentee Taylor Beard

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